Friday, April 2, 2010

Career Development Seminars with Mr. Amin Idris last, our seminars finally end with SUPERB! Eventhough before this, our arrangements tak bape ok sgt but Alhamdulillah we paid back with a very SUPERB seminars by inviting Mr. Amin Idris from Amin Idris Training Consultants as our speaker! He was 10 times thumbs up! yeah... sangat rugi kepada sesiapa yang x attend our seminars...hehehe...the info and the knowledge that he shared with us sgt membina...and most 90% in Dewan Kuliah told us that the seminars was the best seminars ever in their life! WOW! sgt terharu, as usual...below were the photos taken by us...ENJOY!

Say....tigeeee..... ^^

He taught us how to smile...hehehe...

Wow! Sume sgt enjoy! ^^

Weee...sesi bergambar bersama rakan2 kelas... ^^

Part of Committee members yg comey2...

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